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The Days After

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

by Jenna Henderson

July 2010

Timber Wolf Lake

Where to start? 

I feel 102% sure that I would pay someone to live at Young Life camp all year round. I like it that much. What a GREAT week of camp! It was my 6th year going as a leader, and it was by far my favorite week leading. Everything about it was wonderful. Program, our speaker, the activities, our cabin, the community of students we took...

I think we could not have brought a better group of students. I love those girls so much and want so badly to still be hanging out sitting by the lake having meaningful conversations with them! 

I won't sit here and sum up every single thing we did (don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't been), but I will say that God was at work in hearts. Can I ask for anything more? I look at these girls and can tell the He is going to do big things with their lives. He has a plan for each of them and loves them so much. I love seeing them experience and learn that. 

The hard part for me, and for most leaders, is the hard transition of coming home. I hate it because you've just finished living life as it's meant to be and you have to come back to the "real world", where nothing else in your life has changed or slowed down for you

Randi and I were talking about how it's hard for us to come back and be challenged by the areas where we're not giving God our all (you see those areas much more clearly after a week of such intense connection to Him). If it's hard for us, its 1000X harder for the students whose world got rocked by Him, because its all so new. I want to be able to be with each of them 24/7 for the first like month after camp to encourage them and push them on when it's hard. 

I am trusting that God is moving and I am SO excited to sit down today with some of the girls to talk about their experience the last couple days. I left them on a night where they were still processing our separation, so what a great day of conversation is ahead of me! Girls, if you're reading this, I can't wait to jump into this with you! 

Here are some of my favorite camp photos :)

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