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Ineveitabl​y Sufficient

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

A written prayer by Jenna Henderson

July 2010

"Oh can't you see what love has done?"

This is a perfect description of how I feel coming back from camp. The students and other leaders are still at Timber Wolf Lake as I write. I am back to work since I could not get off for the whole week.

What an amazing God we serve! His presence, peace, and love for me was flooding me this morning on my flight home. It was HARD to leave. I feel so invested in the girls on our trip. They are so amazing and our Lord loves them so much more than they realize (and so much more than even I realize). I felt like I fought and kicked leaving, but was overcome (literally flooded) with the Lord speaking to my heart. I kept hearing Him speak words of affirmation and peace over me. If that is the result of how much it hurt to leave before I got to see the girls through the gospel, it was well worth it.

I will write more about camp later, I just wanted to take a minute to point to our God who is inevitably sufficient. It is times like these where I hate all the things that get in the way of feeling a deep connection to Him.

Friends, He is sufficient to meet our every need and overflow in us. He is our ever-present God whose plans are more perfect than we can ever understand. He is holdings in the palm of His hand. His words will not return empty. He does not need me to accomplish any work, but blesses me with the opportunity to come along for the ride.

Young Life Timber Wolf Lake

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