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Uncover more details behind the adventures Jenna mentions in Worth the Suffering

The Hendersons
Mentioned in the Book
First Chemo Down


May 21, 2015
page 49

When Jenna found out that she was going to receive chemo, there was no doubt in her mind that it was time for another photo shoot. One, because she loved photo shoots, and two because she wanted to be able to look back and remember what it was like to have long hair.  Here are a few of the photos our friend Sean captured that day.

Hair loss & truth


June 5, 2015
page 55

I remember arriving in Florida at the airport. There was a man there, holding a sign that said "The Hendersons." He escorted us to our limo and drove us about an hour to our condo in Orlando. Jenna and I were expecting our birthday surprises from my brother and sister-in-law, but we never expected a ride in luxury! It was a sweet vacation, and Jenna's last with her cute new haircut she never wanted to get rid of again.

Hendeson Limo Ride
Orlando Florida
Florida Vacation
2nd chemo down & Young Life camp


June 23, 2015
page 67
Southeast Indana Young Life Rockbridge

Jenna had a lot of favorites. But her most favorite thing in the world was to go with her high school friends to Young Life camp every year. This photo is from our trip to Rockbridge in Goshen, Virginia in 2015; her first trip leading without hair.


Throughout the week, you would never hear Jenna complain about her circumstances; you'd only see her smile and radiate joy. If you've never experienced a week of Young Life camp (even as an adult), you have to go. I promise you, it will be the best of your life too. 

Final stretch


September 2nd, 2015
page 105

Watching Jenna find out that our friends got us into the Young Life All-Staff Conference was a joy. I remember being given the envelope and watching Jenna open it in disbelieve. Tears came immediately after. If I can find the video, it will appear here.