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So Hard To Leave

by Jenna Henderson

July 2010

Young Life Timber Wolf Lake

Well I am back from a great week at YL camp!

All the students and leaders are still there, I had to come home early to work. I might as well have left kicking and screaming. It is so hard to leave camp when you are so invested in the students you're with.

Every student on our trip is awesome, and it is such a huge blessing to have the opportunity to share the gospel with them and to talk about life and what really matters. I hate not being there to see it through, but it is not me that has any say in it, it is God, whose word does not come back empty and I have to trust that.

I thought I would be sitting here at home so upset for not being there, and I am. Of course I would rather be there alongside those girls, but the point of this post is not to tell you about camp but about how great our Lord is.

From the minute I got through security at the airport in the morning, the Lord literally FLOODED me with his love, his peace, and just words of encouragement and affection. I was speechless, and crying (happy tears) most of my first flight. Moments like those seem to be few and far between. The ones where you know, without a shadow of a doubt that every word pouring over you can only be coming from the Creator of the Universe. What a blessing for such a hard situation.

He told me this morning over and over that I am in the palm of His hand, just like those girls that I did not want to leave behind. He has a plan, and even when it doesn't make sense, like why I would have to leave when girls are struggling with hard truths of the gospel, He is using it for His glory and our good.

I am just overcome today. How lucky am I to have Jesus speak into my life in such a clear way? I am filled with such a desire to cling to Him, and Him alone.

I kept thinking how I don't need Him to do this to know He is there, and to know that He loves me, but I am so blessed that He chooses to bless me every once in a while with experiences like this. We serve such an amazing God who is so intricately involved in the tiny fibers of our lives. I am thankful.

I pray those girls get a glimpse of this God the rest of the week. He truly is sufficient.

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