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So Thankful For Young Life

by Jenna Henderson

December 2, 2010

Young Life blankets

This morning the Lord has given me such a thankful heart for the ministry of Young Life. I am so blessed to be a part of His moving in the lives of high school students. I am so thankful that He uses me in spite of myself, that He moves me out of the way so that His purposes, His truth, and His love for these students can be carried into that school. 

I had the opportunity to speak at our club last night, which is not my favorite thing to do. I have led Young Life for 6 years, and this was my 4th time speaking in front of club. I always feel the same. I love that I get to tell them truth because I'm passionate about what I'm talking about, but I hate talking in front of people. But He is awesome, and moved me out of the way and I can say that whatever came out of my mouth last night was all Him. 

I spoke about how we fill our lives with so many things [relationships, money, school, success, image, family, sports, etc.] hoping that they'll fill us, but how we always come up wanting more. I got to tell them that it is because we are made for more. We are searching so hard to fill the holes in our lives, and nothing seems to work, but that Jesus came to give life.

This morning I met with our small group of girls before they headed to school for the day. I love that these girls get up early to talk about the Lord. I love that they are consistent. I am just so encouraged at what He is doing, because I can tell you one thing - they are not getting up early for me or to eat with Megan & I. They are getting up early because Jesus has the words of life. Where else are they going to go? [John 6:68]. 

My prayer is that He could continually open my eyes to all He is doing and all He wants to do in the lives of these students. I want to be bold and encouraging and loving and full of truth. I want to proclaim the gospel clearly, as I should [Colossians 4:3-4]. Mostly I want Him to keep using me, keep pushing me out of the way to get His love across. 

I hope that, Lord willing, I get to be a part of what He is doing in the lives of high schoolers until I'm way too old to be hanging out at basketball games. And maybe a little lot beyond that (because I probably already am).

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