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It's Been Awhile

by Jenna Henderson

Sunday November 1, 2009

Since I last blogged, I have worked 2 weeks on my favorite floor ever, been to South Carolina to visit my precious friend Shannon (see picture below..i stole it from Rachel's blog..), set up an interview for a real job next week, and had a glorious Halloween night at the Vogel's last night watching Hocus Pocus and eating homemade chicken noodle soup.

In this time, I have also started reading the new Francis Chan book, Forgotten God. I love it already and I am only a chapter in. The book is about our neglect of the Holy Spirit. The whole first chapter explained that the book would not be explaining the Holy Spirit, but looking at how we quench the spirit. It is aimed at the church in America, which is where it should be aimed. When I say that, he is not talking about buildings so much as the people who make up the church.

I am so excited to read it. I feel like I quench the spirit all the time. I want to learn to live every moment guided by the spirit. He made a point that if someone lived on an island by themselves with the scriptures, and then found themselves in our Christian culture here in America, they would be expecting to see way more demonstration of the Spirit in our lives.

Anyway, I feel excited about reading that. I am at Panera this morning to spend time with the Lord. I opened my Bible and decided I was going to read Isaiah. I LOVE Isaiah. I just feel like it so perfectly shows us the Lord's heart towards us, even when we make a mess of things. We serve such a gracious, forgiving God. I want to be more aware of the reality of that and more thankful in my daily day-to-day life. I feel excited. :)

Below are some of my most favorite girls ever. I feel so thankful for them. Happy November!


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