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How He Loves

by Jenna Henderson

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

This past week i have been blown away at the love the Lord has for me. tonight i am giving the sin & cross talk at our Young Life club. i feel nervous because i am definitely a person who is shy and turns bright red and laughs whenever too much attention is on me, but at the same time, i feel so excited to share the truth of what Christ did for us. definitely more so in light of how God has been showing up lately.

I just want these students to know and experience God like i am this week, i feel like He is right here with me every second. i've noticed that realizing His love pushes us on to love Him back with our lives. I literally do not want any of my plans for my life. i want His plans. with how much He loves me and the amazing thing he means to make my life into, why would i want to control any of it?

His plans are SO MUCH bigger than anything we could ever imagine. I love that. I love his heart for us and that all he wants is for us to live our lives fully the way He created for us to live. I want to be someone who reveals Christ with my life. what else matters? i feel super thankful.

Listen to How He Loves by David Crowder sometime today :)

Timber Wolf Lake
Photo taken in 2010 at Timber Wolf Lake - A Young Life camp

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