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by Jenna Henderson

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tonight i am a bible study skipper. i am okay with that for 2 reasons.

1) i have my LAST final exam ever tomorrow morning, and need to get some good sleep (and a little skimming of notes in) before hand, and 2) i have been in need of some sweet, quality time with the Lord on my own that is not in the morning before school.

Today i did day one of the beth moore study we are covering in bible study (there are 5 days, i am on 1) and was super encouraged and overwhelmed with gratitude. To sum it up, one of the things beth said was, "If you only understood what grace means and what you have received by way of it, you would never cease to rejoice". How true is that? How sad that i go so many days forgetting what awaits me? and how many times do i get bogged down by so many things that i forget that my name is written in the Lambs book of life? and that it has been since before time?! That is where our joy is found. We have such a gracious Father who loves us so passionately and unfairly. do i live like i do? Why is it such a struggle?

With this new chapter of my life about to start, i want to be intentional with my time. These things get said a lot (i know i think about this a lot), but i want to be a do-er and not just a sayer. I will have 4 days a week off of work and i don't want to fill those days with pointless things, or just fill them to fill them. I have every reason to live life joyfully and fully in pursuit of Him and not me.

Too many thoughts for the night before a final, but i just feel excited about all the things that the Lord has waiting that i miss out on by being busy and living day-to-day without looking around.

Tomorrow brings freedom from the school chapter of my life and hopefully an intentional attitude about seeking first His kingdom and righteousness. :) should be noted that on our last day of lecture yesterday, we had a luncheon afterwards thrown by the alumni association where we had our white coat ceremony. you know, like doctors wear. who knew nurses got those? i have never seen it. i think it is safe to say we won't be wearing them often. here is a picture to leave you with :)

Jenna Henderson nurse

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