" I feel like I gained a new best friend in Jenna after reading this book."

Worth the Suffering book

Worth the Suffering is the story of Jenna Henderson as she receives the devastating news that she has been diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd, and eventually the 4th time in her life. Discover the source of her hope and joy even when everything in life seems to be falling apart.

Worth the Suffering


Reviews for Worth the Suffering

It's a wonderful book!! Our daughter works for Young Life!! I am beyond amazed at Jenna's amazing love for the Lord. Being a cancer survivor I could relate to going through the chemotherapy. I am in awe of she lived her life despite her many obstacles. Having just finished the book I am passing on to our daughter to read before she leaves YL Camp this Summer.

Lisa Heese

5/11/2019, 7:23:07 PM

This book is full of hope, truth, and inspiration. It’s a must-read for any cancer survivor, as the journal entries, prayers, and stories reflect the feelings experienced by anyone who has had cancer. As a cancer survivor and previous Young Life leader, the book resonated with me in so many ways. Most of all, her words and legacy have encouraged me to pursue my daily relationship with Jesus with renewed intensity!

JoEllyn R.

4/30/2019, 8:17:49 PM


This book can be cohesively summarized in one word: HOPE. Thank you for sharing Jenna’s words and testimony. I have been through some suffering of my own, and I have always found that my faith has at times wavered. And I felt guilty. I have been inspired by Jenna’s words. I can erase my guilt and replace it with Jesus. There is joy to be found, celebration to be had, and peace to be attained. But in the end my suffering has brought me closer to Jesus, and, ultimately, closer to salvation. The suffering was indeed worth it.

Jenna’s life has changed my life for the better; she has challenged me to deepen my faith, trust more, love with more fearlessness, and intentionally share my faith with others. Her legacy has such a lasting impact in both faith and health.

Thank you, Jenna & Scott, for discipling to me at a time it was most needed. Much love and care to your family.

Eternally grateful,



3/25/2019, 4:32:40 PM

This was such a beautiful book! I sure wish I could have crossed paths with Jenna. What a beautiful life she lived. Living to be a light for Jesus and displaying such love for Jesus is what I wish I could do better. Hearing her story is an inspiration to do better!

Amy Varacalli

1/2/2019, 9:49:09 PM

This was THE most beautiful hopeful book I have EVER read. Jenna's legacy of leading others to the Lord lives on through this book. Thank you Jenna for this gift you have left us here on earth. I look forward to meeting you in heaven. Love & hugs!

Becky Hasselbeck

10/8/2018, 9:34:21 PM

You wrote at the bottom of my packing list to share with you my thoughts after reading the book so I wanted to do just that. As a long time Oncology Nurse myself and also a follower of Christ, Jenna’s story touched me in so many ways. Her courage, resilience, positive attitude and gracious spirit were all too evident as I read her words; all who knew her or were cared for by her are lucky, blessed souls, I have no doubt. I received Worth the Suffering as a gift from my children and I loved every page. I then bought 8 copies of the book to give to special people in my life. I want to share Jenna’s story with other Oncology Nurses who are Christ followers (and one in particular who is not yet a true believer) so that they, too, can be moved by her story. I send prayers to you and to her friends​ and family; prayers for healing and comfort and peace to you all. Thank you for assuring that her legacy continues on in these words and I am so sorry that you lost your beautiful soulmate far too soon.

Toni Smith

8/21/2018, 9:18:30 PM

I met Scott at a Young Life Leader Weekend at Timber Wolf Lake where he shared Jenna me and a group of other Young Life leaders twice. I could how painful yet meaningful this was for him. I asked him right there for a copy of the book.

I thought it kinda odd for myself, a 20-year-old young man to be reading about a woman I'd never know with a disease I could never fully relate to; however, I am so grateful for Jenna.

In reading her words and the way others wrote about her I feel like I made a friend. More than that, I caught a glimpse of what a life with Jesus can really look like. What being a Young Life leader, and just a follower of Christ was all about.

There were so many things foreign to me but so much of it still revealed Jenna's life with and for Jesus. I am grateful for Jenna's story. It has, without a doubt, pushed me closer to Jesus in ways I had never considered. It has prompted a new fervor​​ in my heart for our Lord and those around me.

This story reveals what a life lived Christ can really look like. Jenna's story is a shining example of the way Christ puts our sin to death and revives us in new, perfect bodies for a lifelong adventure with Him at the helm. If you need encouragement with your walk in the Lord, or just want to learn how to lean in on Jesus, please, read Jenna's story.

Landon Rohrer

8/21/2018, 9:16:58 PM

I ordered and received this book in mid-March. My initial plan was to read it during Holy Week (especially Holy Thursday and Good Friday) to correlate with the suffering and dying of Christ. That plan fell through when I received a call from my sister that Dad had taken a bad fall that Wednesday night and was in the hospital. Eight days later, Dad passed away, the Thursday of Easter week, so I put it aside thinking I'll read it over Memorial Day weekend when I have some down time. That plan fell through when we buried my dear cousin who passed away on May 19.

So, on a rainy day in early June, I finally picked up Jenna's book and simply could not put it down. Wonderful book, beautifully written and so sincere. I found Jenna's perspective on her own mortality aligned with the perspective I had on the passing of my dad and my cousin ... Each of them, in their own way, worked all their life to get to Heaven... how could I possibly be sad for me when I am so incredibly happy for them!!!

Thank you, Scott, for sharing your incredible wife's journey. God bless you.

Margie Schmitz

8/21/2018, 9:15:09 PM

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